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Release Date March 31, 2015
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 31, 2015UnknownNone

A lush, climate-controlled pod high above the earth’s surface. Stalk your opponents as you circle around the open arcs of the perimeter, or duck into the pod’s watery interior for some more frantic gun battles. – Climate


Looking outside of Climate you will see many other tower pods just like the one you are currently playing on with long open desert below. Mountains can also be seen in the distance.


“Climate control systems failing. Water toxicity levels rising” and “Water purification systems are offline, exposure to water may result in death” are the messages you hear as the water on the map changes from crystal clear to deadly acid killing anyone who steps into it.


Lots of fish can be seen swimming around the map and running from players, this is before they fight for life and die in the acid, leaving them floating on the surface.


Welcome to Babylon Gardens, feel free to visit the greenhouse on the west, the Canyon to the north, and many other great locations. Please do not dive or swim in the water. Babylon Gardens is home of the Climate Monitoring and Modification System.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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