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GamertagFavorite Map
COLEMAN PC twi Canada Decoy Black Ops 3
Lima xbo Canada Cracked Black Ops 2
Frony9 PC Canada TranZit Call of Duty 4
[IQ710]Bruce Willis pla USA Oasis Vanguard
XDivineDemonX xbo USA Rust Modern Warfare 2
[VLA_]Mousehunt91 PC USA Sub Pens Modern Warfare 2
YOURDADDY xbo twi Canada Crash Modern Warfare 2
OmieSaiyan PC you twi USA Nuketown Call of Duty
Randall52189 xbo twi twi USA Nuketown Modern Warfare 2
fuzzywuszy PC twi ins Canada Crossfire Call of Duty 4
Crazykiller656 xbo USA Grind Black Ops 4
BckYrdCstmz PC USA Overgrown Modern Warfare 2
NewWarMachine pla USA Terminal Battle Royal
[OTLW]Babysnakes1313 xbo USA Verdansk Warzone
GSBEvilFoutain809 pla Canada All Maps All Games

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Shoot House

4.3/5 - (10 votes) The objective is to describe the layout, strategies, and best practices for a 6 against 6 multiplayer map situated within a live fire training range. – Shoot House Release DateNovember 16th...


Mercado Las Almas

2.8/5 - (6 votes) The objective is to describe a 6v6 map that takes place in a busy, little market in the southeast of Las Almas, Mexico, along with its map, strategies, and cheats. – Mercado Las Almas Release...


Farm 18

3.8/5 - (5 votes) The objective is to provide a comprehensive guide on the map, strategies, and best practices for a 6v6 game played at a training center situated in a secluded part of Kastovia. – Farm 18 Release...


Operation: Spearhead

Rate This! Enter the Urzikstan Launch Facility amid a full-scale conflict. Operation: In Modern Warfare III, Spearhead is where the War mode is initially available. It is your responsibility to shift the balance of...


Popov Power

1/5 - (1 vote) Head to Popov Power, an industrial site with spray pools, reactors, and cooling towers. To stay ahead in height during the battle, maneuver throughout the complex by hopping into a car, sprinting to the...


Orlov Military Base

5/5 - (1 vote) Proceed to the Orlov Military Base, situated in the northwest region of Kazakhstan. Amid the various structures and nooks where gamers will lurk and set up ambushes, keep an eye out. – Orlov Military Base...

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