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Weapon Camo

Modern Warfare II’s Camo Challenge system is streamlined significantly and offers more rewards than in previous years. The goal is to give you those Mastery Camos — Gold, Platinum, and more — sooner while granting more...


Secondary Weapons

A Secondary Weapon is useful for utility purposes – eliminating Killstreaks, one-shotting players with a swift blow, or something to quickly switch to when the Primary Weapon runs low or out of ammunition. Secondary...


Primary Weapons

The Primary Weapon is a primary way of dealing damage, and often determines the role an Operator is best suited for in combat. Snipers are great for long distances but give your position away with the scope glint...



Vehicular combat gets a serious upgrade in Warzone 2.0. Vehicles require gas and repair, Find gas stations scattered throughout the Warzone battle area. Boats also need repairs and fuel, find these locations around the...


Tactical Equipment

Tacticals are the first equipment piece chronologically in the menu. These offer utility to a Loadout. Limited-per-life and re-usable items that range from intel-gathering sensors, instant healing, and disorientation...


Lethal Equipment

All Lethal equipment can deal lethal damage, hence the designation.
Limited-per-life items that harm enemies, usually in explosive fashion. Think Claymores, Frag Grenades, C4, and more.


Perk Packages

Want to track enemies easier and crouch faster? Introducing the customizable Perk Package, which consists of two base perks like Tracker and Double Time. PLUS, get a Bonus Perk and Ultimate Perk to earn during matches...

MWII Anti-Armor Rounds

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are invaluable tools that offer an array of strategic advantages. They charge over time throughout the match, with some charging faster or slower depending on their utility and power. At Rank 45, you’ll...



Operators are split into two factions: SPECGRU and KORTAC. These two factions represent the two team names in all team-based game modes. These unique characters - each with their own backstory, nationality, character...

MWII Gunship


Getting eliminated sets your streak back to zero. Modern Warfare II additionally offers the choice to use a Scorestreak system instead, using earned score instead of eliminations to track your progress. Again, when...

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Special Ops

In addition to the Campaign, dive into an evolved Special Ops co-op experience. In Special Ops, Operators will have access to a Backpack to store equipment and one of three Kits that are similar to a set of Perks, Field...

vanguard Achievements


all of Duty Vanguard has many unlockable Achievements across Multiplayer, Campaign, and Zombies. Gamerscore is earned on Xbox and Rarity is earned on PlayStation.

Night Light