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Call of Duty Maps

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Choose one perk from each of three tiers. Mix and match to boost your strength or cover your weaknesses. Play your way by choosing among tactics, intel, or supply advantages.

dead drop

Field Upgrades

Field upgrades are abilities and gear that give you a tactical edge in battle. Each upgrade has a set recharge time from low to high depending on the ability.

bombing run


Earn Killstreaks by getting kills without dying. Each type of Killstreak requires a specific number of kills to earn. The more kills one costs, the more powerful it is in the field. You may choose three Killstreaks as...


Lethal Equipment

Lethal Grenades in Vanguard range from a typical Frag Grenade to a Molotov Cocktail with many other options in-between to support your play style.


Tactical Equipment

Tactical Grenades in Vanguard are your best option to distract the enemy, grab a stun grenade to blind the enemy or an S-Mine to leave them with a popup surprise.


Primary Weapons

In Vanguard players have six different Primary weapon categories to pick from, grab a Sniper for some extreme long distant range or a shotgun to get up close and personal. Some weapons are automatic while others can be...


Secondary Weapons

If you prefer a pistol, you will get many WWII weapon options, grab a launcher to blow up the enemy or their vehicles. Everyone loves a good Melee weapon!



Operators are soldiers of the Call of Duty Vanguard universe. Each one has their own personality and look on the battlefield. Operators have levels that unlocked with Operator XP. Earn Operator XP by playing as that...

black ops cold war arcade

Retro Arcade

Black Ops Cold War has many vintage Activision arcade games that can be found in the Campaign, Zombies, and throughout Multiplayer maps. NOW! you can find them in the main menus and play them anytime!! All Retro Arcade...

t-72 tank


There are more ways to travel around Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War maps than just a parachute and your own two feet. Throughout Multiplayer and Zombies, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel faster by...


Dark Ops

Dark Ops challenges are revealed as you earn them. They do not count toward percent complete. This list is a full list of all available Dark Ops challenges found in the Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies on Black Ops...



Perks are Passive bonuses that can be mixed and matched to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different Perk combinations to boost your strengths or cover your weaknesses.

Night Light