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Retro Arcade

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Black Ops Cold War has many vintage Activision arcade games that can be found in the Campaign, Zombies, and throughout Multiplayer maps. NOW! you can find them in the main menus and play them anytime!! All Retro Arcade Games found in Cold War can be seen here. Some require a Battle Pass to unlock, and others can be found in the store from time to time. 


Do you have what it takes to be a Flying Ace? You’ll be amazed as your small but sturdy biplane, flying inches off the ground, actually zooms through barns, sours over windmills, and dodges flocks of pesky geese.
Initial Release Date: 1982


Put on your gloves! You’re about to mix it up in the most pulse-pounding fight of your life.
Initial Release Date: 1980


Chopper Command
You’re piloting a helicopter gunship, flying cover for a truck convoy of medical supplies through enemy territory. The action: furious. The concentration: intense. You are engaged in one of the most demanding video battles ever conceived.
Initial Release Date: 1982


You never fear, never sleep. There is no finish line. Your only goal in life is to break your own last record. The race is set. Are you?
Initial Release Date: 1983

fishing derby

Fishing Derby
The most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen in a video game! Two fishermen drop their lines into a bay full of sunfish. But watch out for that shark!
Initial Release Date: 1980

grand prix

Grand Prix
Buckle up, snap your chin strap, adjust your goggles, and get ready to handle a high-powered formula racing machine. It’s you against the clock, the road, and the other drivers in a race to the finish line.
Initial Release Date: 1982


Our charming “Mad Bomber” really doesn’t mean any harm. It’s just that he loves nothing better than to drop his bombs and watch them explode. Only you can stop him.
Initial Release Date: 1981


Picture this! You are deep in the recesses of a forbidden jungle- an unforgiving place few explorers ever survive. But you’ve got courage, because you’re with Pitfall Harry, the world famous jungle explorer and fortune hunter extraordinaire.
Initial Release Date: 1982


Pitfall ll: Lost Caverns
Back for more! Pitfall Harry has descended into a mysterious cavern beneath Machu Pichu, Peru in search of the cursed Raj diamond. Unfortunately he lost his niece Rhonda, along with their cowardly cat, Quickclaw.
Initial Release Date: 1984

river raid

River Raid
Jet down an ever-changing, ever-challenging waterway. Break the enemy blockade and blast the bridges to halt enemy troop advances. Expect huge islands, narrow channels, and treacherous bays crawling with enemy choppers, tankers, and jets.
Initial Release Date: 1982

robot tank

Robot Tank
Sophisticated enemy Robot Tanks are quickly advancing cross country, firing at will and stopping at nothing. You must command your own Robot Tanks to stop their charge of chaos. Avoid being hit by enemy fire, or your Robot Tanks may be destroyed. Only you can stop them.
Initial Release Date: 1983


Now you can ski all year long without worrying about tight boots, cold hands, long lift lines – or whether it snows! Skiing challenges you with a wide variety of slalom and downhill runs, designed for everyone from amateur to pro.
Initial Release Date: 1980


Your divers have retrieved the buried treasure, and now you must come to their rescue. The object of Seaquest is to retrieve as many treasure-divers as you can, while dodging and blasting enemy subs and killer sharks. All before your oxygen runs out!
Initial Release Date: 1983

keystone kapers

Keystone Kapers
Catch the krook, recover the loot and be careful to boot! Don’t get KO’d by wild shopping carts, beachballs, or biplanes.
Initial Release Date: 1983

cosmic commuter

Cosmic Commuter
It’s 2075…year of the space colony. And every day, hordes of workers crown into astrobuses for a cosmic commute. It’s rush hour in the Galaxy… and you’re the driver!
Initial Release Date: 1984

spider fighter

Spider Fighter
You’ve got to stop ‘em. Got to stomp ‘em. Got to smite ‘em and fight ‘em with all your might. Because if you don’t, they won’t just get your fruit, they’ll get you!
Initial Release Date: 1983

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