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Nuketown ’84 Halloween

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Release Date October 19, 2021
Location Nevada N.S.S.
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October 19, 2021Nevada N.S.S.View All

Trick-or-treat your way through Nuketown ’84 and watch out for all the creepy scary Halloween décor, don’t forget to get your share of candy and kills! – Nuketown ’84 Halloween

outside of nuketown 84 Halloween

Outside of Nuketown ’84 Halloween, you will see the houses have now been hit by Halloweens Devils Night with houses covered in toilet paper. Other decorations can also be seen spread across this little 7 house neighborhood.

scare package

A Scare Package is part of the Haunting event and finding one will unlock a challenge. The reward will be a Slash-O-Lantern sticker. The scare Packages are hard to find across multiplayer but can also be found in Zombies.

the decor

The map is scattered with Halloween decor from skeletons riding brooms, Pumpkins wearing hats, Halloween lights, graveyards and tombstones, and even over thirty ravens surrounding each roof and the outskirts of the map.

nuke drop sign

The Nuketown Drop Clock is now decorated with a pumpkin face, Halloween lighting, and even bat wings, Don’t forget to watch the count down!

gobble gum

On a bookshelf upstairs in the green house players will find a Kill Joy Gobble Gum, this is the same version that was seen in Black Ops 3. The Kill Joy Gobble Gum when used in zombies will spawn an Insta-Kill Power-Up that can be activated two times.

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