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Release Date April 2, 2019
Location Alcatraz Island, San Francisco
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April 2, 2019Alcatraz Island, San FranciscoView All

The notorious prison in San Francisco Bay, expect something a little different. Unlike the core Blackout experience, the action starts almost immediately. You only have a short amount of time to grab some equipment and begin tracking down enemies, avoiding the undead inhabitants shambling about this prison, and concentrating on almost-constant combat engagements. – Alcatraz

falling from the sly at the start of the game

At the start of the match, all 40 players spawn into the map through a portal, you will also be able to respawn as long as you still have a teammate alive until the final collapse when redeploys are disabled. Teams consist of 4 players only, be sure to revive your teammates when they need you. The collapse is much quicker than the standard Blackout map with only about 10 minutes of gameplay per game.

equipment on Alcatraz

The map is scattered with lots of different things you can loot that include Equipment like a Recon car, Sensor Dart, grapple gun grenades, and much more. Health and Armor pickups include a trauma kit that gives 200 heath and even three types of armor with the Tier 3 armor being the hardest to find. perks, ammo, and many guns that include all the multiplayer guns, older Black Ops guns, and even special guns from the Zombies series like the Ray Gun and MP-40 can also be found. Lastly are other items like paint cans that can be collected to buy weapon camo for the guns that are found around the map and some special mission items like hats, perk bottles, and more that are used to unlock special characters.

perks on Alcatraz

Blackout has many perks that help you throughout the battle, use these right and you might just take a win.
Looter: Reveals nearby Stashes and loot items. Equip in 3 seconds, lasts 120 seconds.
Paranoia: Receive an audible alert when an enemy is targeting you while in ADS. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 240 seconds.
Outlander: Reduces damage and increases movement speed outside of the collapse. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 180 seconds.
Engineer: Reveals nearby vehicles and enemy equipment. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 240 seconds.
Mobility: Move and swap weapons faster. Take no fall damage. Fire weapons and use Equipment while Sprinting. Move faster when reloading. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 300 seconds.
Iron Lungs: Increases steady time on the sniper and tactical rifles and breath time underwater. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 300 seconds.
Squad Link: See teammates through walls. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 120 seconds.
Awareness: Enemy footsteps are louder. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 120 seconds.
Consumer: Reduces the use time of health and consumable items by 50%. Equip in 1 second, lasts 300 seconds.
Dead Silence: Move quietly. Make less noise when opening stashes. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 240 seconds.
Brawler: Increases melee damage. Gain 50 health per each successful melee attack. Equip in 1 second, lasts 240 seconds.
Medic: Heal faster and revive faster. Healing items restore more health. Downed allies are revived with increased health. Equip in 2 seconds, lasts 240 seconds.
Reinforced: Reduces damage from explosions and fire. Increased resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire. Equip in 3 seconds, lasts 240 seconds.
Skulker: Move faster while crouched and prone. Equip in 3 seconds, lasts 180 seconds.
Bloody Tracker: Track nearby enemies by following their bloody footprints.

outside of Alcatraz

Outside Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, in the far distance, you can see San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Cloud filled skies surround the map with open freezing water.

under the water on Alcatraz

Deep ice-cold waters filled with many fish swimming around and even some large sharks in the distance. The water is a vibrant blue color and filled with many rocks.  

Alcatraz zombies

The map is scattered with zombies; some are locked in jail cells and other spawn through the ground. The zombies here can and will kill you if you let them, they also drop ammo, equipment, and guns when you kill them. If the zombies are too much you can always pick up a Monkey bomb, it will activate when zombies are near and keep them from hurting you.

mystery box on Alcatraz

Many locations around the map can spawn a zombie’s mystery box, the box can only be opened once per location by killing zombies in the area the box is located. The box can contain just about anything including zombie weapons and level 3 armor.

dead body in basement

In the basement of the cell blocks you will see a body wrapped in a bag and hanging from the ceiling with candles on the floor along with letters. This body is the same one seen underwater in the multiplayer map Hacienda.

Institution Rules and Regulations, U.S. Penitentiary Alcatraz

Institution Rules and Regulations, U.S. Penitentiary Alcatraz are signs that are found around the map with regulations for the prisoners. One of them read: You are required to work at whatever you are told to do, use perks to increase performance.

gondola to the top of the island

Next to the docks and the Officer’s Club you will find a large steel gondola, this can be used to travel to the top of the prison block and back down if needed. Be aware as this will give away your position and players might be waiting for you at the top, this is also a great way to get a great line of sight.

perk bottles around the map

Inside the kitchen of the Warden’s House, you can find zombie Perk bottles on the kitchen table, these bottles include Deadshot Daiquiri, Double Tap Root Beer, and Stamin-Up Soda. The bottles are also marked as non-refundable.

wall guns

Zombies fan? Blackout also features wall weapons, the weapons found on the wall range from many different types that are never the same as the match you just played, these weapons also only come with one clip of ammo but work great for the fast-paced run and gun that Alcatraz provides. Sometimes you might just find the gun you are looking for on one of these wall locations!

Alcatraz is now a historic tourist destination

Treyarch did a great job on recreating this famous Prison, the prison was used for housing some of the worlds worst criminals but closed in 1963 from high operating cost. Alcatraz is now a historic tourist destination that has rumors of still being home to ghosts. Alcatraz has some great story’s and even a must watch movie about the 3 criminals that escaped the unescapable island.

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