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Call of Duty Maps

Infinity Ward

Official WebsiteEncino, Los Angeles
Multiplayer Maps268
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2002Encino, Los Angeles268


Operation Overlord has left this small town in war-torn distress, using the buildings as cover and the windows to shoot down enemies in the streets.



Scavenged civilization stranded on a sandbar in the middle of an ocean. Tight 3 lane map with a long linear layout.


Verdansk ’84-Gallery

Verdansk and Cold War Collide! Plunge into the chaos of a fresh battleground. Gather your squad and explore Verdansk in the spring of 1984. Discover new points of interest and uncover secrets within the lush landscape...


Secondary Weapons

Grab a Handgun or a Machine Pistol to get the best mobility out of a Secondary Weapon or grab a Shotgun to get up close and personal. Launchers are great for disabling vehicles or killing anyone hiding inside a location.



Milti-tiered deserted mining facility. Prepare to defend your flag on the move in epic Domination games.


Depot 22

Last stop watering hole at the end of civilization. Depot 22 is a medium sized 3 lane map that focuses on medium ranged encounters.



A remake of the Modern Warfare 2 classic, Dominion takes the sprawling ranged battleground to a partially terraformed Mars. The action is once again anchored by a crashed ship in the center where players can take cover...


Tactical Equipment

Tactical Equipment is great for distracting the enemies, jam the enemy map, defend an area from enemy projectiles or even smoke them out. The Nano Shot can regenerate your health if needed.



Perks are bonuses that you can attach to your player, each one provides a different bonus. Some keep you hidden and others allow you to move faster. Some perks also cancel out others!



Large open fields are great for long-distance gun fights, use the building and bushes as cover. Large fields are great for snipers.

Night Light