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Release Date December 18, 2019
Location Kastovia (Russia)
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December 18, 2019Kastovia (Russia)View All

Returning as a Fan Favorite from Cal of Duty 4, Near the main Port of Verdansk. A once-abandoned warehouse has been confiscated by Al-Qatala forces. Great asymmetrical map that mixes interior and exterior combat. – Vacant

outside of Vacant

Outside of Vacant you will see the Ground War map Port of Verdansk in low detail along with many trees in the open forest to the opposite side of the map.

Vacant teddy bear

A teddy bear can be found just past the small yellow room near the parking lot, the teddy bear is sitting on top of the lockers in the room with the toilet. He doesn’t have the normal star on the chest and looks to be a bear we have never seen before.


Gun Course is a Trial that can be played on the map to earn extra experience points. Make your way through the course as fast as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties. Your loadout will be Assorted Weapons and you will have 3 attempts. 5,000 points if you get 1 star, 7,500 for 2 stars and 10,000 if you can get 3 stars. The same Trial can be played again with a new scenario including Smoke Deployment.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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