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Release Date December 11, 2018
Location Nepal
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
December 11, 2018NepalNone

A remote Nepalese village is the stage for a dangerous rescue mission after an assault on a military transport helicopter leaves it grounded and its high value contents missing. – Elevation

outside of Elevation

The map is surrounded by large snow-covered mountains with a great view of the mountains in the distance. Just to the outskirts of Elevation you will see a suspension bridge that leads to another small village.

starting a match on Elevation

At the start of the match a large explosion can be seen coming from the center area of the map, this is the crashed helicopter exploding as it has collided with one of the main buildings. It is seen burning and smoking during the entire game.

nepal large Buddha statue

You can see one of Nepal’s large Buddha statues in the courtyard. Welcome to Bhanu, you are kindly requested to pay a fee for visiting. Open from Tue-Sat 1-4 PM and closed Sunday and Monday.

hydro springs water

A water bottle can be found that is labeled “Hydro Springs” this is a reference to the multiplayer map Hydro. You will also find more Metro Brewery Beer.

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