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Release Date January 29, 2013
Location Rhône-Alpes, France
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
January 29, 2013Rhône-Alpes, FranceNone

Hydroelectric power plant in the heart of Pakistan. Fast, close quarters fights on each lane. Beware of the spillway. – Hydro

Hydro Dam seen outside the map

A very large dam can be seen outside Hydro along with tall mountains, cranes, and the cloud-filled skies. Enjoy the view as it can be a nice sight!

dam opening on Hydro

About halfway into every match with a time limit the center of the maps spillway will flood and kill anyone inside the path. At first the siren will go off with an announcer warning about the flood gates that open.

Hydro ingame map

A map of the complex can be seen in a few areas of the map, it shows the location of the Section one and two turbine room, Server room, Facilities room and Monitoring station which has a great line of sign towards both spawns.

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