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Release Date December 11, 2018
Location Madagascar
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
December 11, 2018MadagascarNone

Local warlords have ambushed a convoy of medical supplies on route to this village in Madagascar, where an outbreak teeters on the brink of disaster. – Madagascar

outside of Madagascar

Nice views of Madagascar fields filled with six different types of Baobab trees and lots of water are seen to the outskirts. In the distance, you will see many mountains and clouds blue skies. 

starting a match on Madagascar

A few Vanguard Global Aid helicopters are seen flying overhead, the name and symbols on the helicopters are also seen around the entire map.

jumping Lemur Monkeys

Many Lemur Monkeys are seen chilling in the spawn, cleaning themselves, and relaxing as the timer counts down, When the timer hits zero you will see all the monkeys hop off into the distance. The monkeys can not be killed.


The map has lots of posters that talk about virus protection, do not touch people, do not play with animals, do not eat bush meat, wash hands, boil water, and don’t touch anyone ever, even family.

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