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Release Date February 19, 2019
Location Monaco
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 19, 2019MonacoNone

An opulent casino in Monaco is under siege as a crew of elite thieves plan to beat the house: stealing money, secrets…and maybe a car. – Casino

outside of Casino

Night skies filled with hot air balloons can be seen outside Casino along with many yachts docked at the shore and many tall skyscrapers that surround the map.

starting a match on Casino

A black SUV is seen crashing into the cars on the map at the start of the match with a helicopter lifting off in the other spawn, the helicopters are seen carrying money from the blown-up vault.

Casino slot machines

Enjoy some of the great casino games like Arctic Wolf, Pack A Punch, Zombie Poker, The Lost Treasure, and even Nuketown Meltdown. Play your favorite game here now! Insert Credits (0). The game machines can all be destroyed with bullet fire.

ruin the god poster

Pictures of Ruin are seen all around the Casino, one of him in a large king’s chair and another with him being sworn in from the queen via ceremony to confer knighthood.

indoor garden

A large indoor garden filled with exotic snakes, birds, and plants can be seen in the lower corner of the map with a large plaque that reads: Jardin Botanique, originally built in 1879, these gardens were founded by Prince Henry George William XVll. The queen has deemed the gardens as “The greatest botanical gardens to have ever been build by all of mankind.


Many signed pictures of celebrities are seen scattered around the map. If you know who they are please let me know.

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