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Release Date February 19, 2019
Location Los Angeles, California
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 19, 2019Los Angeles, CaliforniaNone

An international crime syndicate has launched a full onslaught upon a Los Angeles police station, intent on destroying evidence and silencing all witnesses. – Lockup

outside of the map Lockup

The map is surrounded by Los Angeles skyscrapers and burning buildings along with a gas station, a few stores, palm trees that line the roads, and a large hospital just to the outskirts of Lockup.

starting a match on Lockup

As you wait for the timer to count down at the beginning of the match you see many thieves on police bikes riding through the map and speeding off into the distance and a police helicopter that fly’s above the map and gets blown up by a guy on the outside of the map with a rocket launcher.

gaming slang

A whiteboard is seen with slang words and keeping up with slang. Noobs is Newbies, Owned is Beaten badly, Woot is Expression of joy, Sux is Sucks/Bad, Camper is Stays in Place, Troll is an Offensive Person, Lone Wolf is someone who fights alone, Rage Quit is Leave angrily, Rekt is Wrecked, Aggro is threat/aggravation, XP is Experience Points and Gank is many players VS one.

opening doors on the map Lockup

The features many doors that can be opened with buttons and also doors that open automatically, these doors generate noise and give the players position away so be careful where you go!

officers of the Los Angeles Police Headquarters

The map is scattered with wanted posters, missing posters, and awards to officers of the Los Angeles Police Headquarters that include the Outstanding Squad award along with the Policeman of the year award, the Wilson award for outstanding swat officer, and the smith award for best swat sniper.

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