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t-72 tank


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There are more ways to travel around Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War maps than just a parachute and your own two feet. Throughout Multiplayer and Zombies, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel faster by land or by air. Some allowing just two players and others allowing your full squad. Some even have weapons, jump on to one to travel in style or speed.


Sedan: Old, yet surprisingly reliable Eastern Bloc Sedan to help you survive. Featuring enough room for the whole squad, this new vehicle is great for getting to the next objective quickly or performing a drive-by on enemy hostiles. Also great for ramming enemy players.

light truck

Light Truck: This four-passenger off-road military vehicle delivers plenty of pep for a light utility truck. The lack of windows or a roof leaves plenty of room for Operators to fire out at enemy teams or parachute in for an epic escape.

cargo truck

Cargo Truck: The Cargo Truck is big enough to fit the whole squad as you hunt down enemy hostiles. Players can jump on the back of the truck and use the sides as cover but be careful as you can fall out if you don’t watch your step or enemies can chase you down as the Cargo Truck is a low-speed vehicle.


FAV: The high-speed Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) is ideal for gunning down enemies or just going flat out and running them over, The FAV is ideal for capturing objectives and shooting down incoming enemy vehicles. With one seat for the driver and one spot for a gunner, the FAV is not ideal for full teams.

dirt bike

Dirt bike: Dirt Bikes are the fastest moving Vehicles in the game, two players can ride on the bike with that back player having the ability to shot enemies in the bike’s path. The driver has great control and can even run enemies down or swerve to escape death.


Snowmobile: Snowmobiles are just like the Dirt Bike, a man on the bake to target incoming enemies and a driver to dodge enemies or run them down. The snowmobile is seen on maps that have snow, where locations a Dirt Bike is not suitable.


Raft: A small boat that is great for transporting teams around the water. Quieter than all other water vehicles and great for low-key water transport. All players on the raft are able to engage enemies with a 360 degree turning radius, you are not stuck in your seat!

wake runner

Wake Runner: The Wake Runner is a two-man boat with high speed, can be used to get from one spot to another quickly and even fast enough to dodge enemy bullets. Can also be used as a quick way to team up and attack enemies on the water.


Gunboat: The gunboat is the game’s big daddy water vehicle. It has a large machine gun with a high rate of fire, surprising mobility for a large craft, and a lot of strength. Great for taking out enemy boats or players at the shore.

t-72 tank

T-72 Tank: This T-72 Soviet battle tank is built to obliterate whatever it crosses. Tanks can be controlled by 2 people: one operates the tank including the turret, while the other player mans the machine gun on top. Inside the tank is safe but the man on top could have his head snipped off!


Hind: This helicopter handles smoothly and has a high rate of fire. Hover over a position and hammer away at enemies and their defenses. You will get the chance to parachute if shot down or the driver decides to bail. The Hind is the safest method of transport.

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