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Release Date March 10, 2020
Location Kastovia (Russia)
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March 10, 2020Kastovia (Russia)View All

Verdansk is a massive battleground from the world of Modern Warfare that features up to 150 players. Explore countless combat settings and infiltration routes, from the sprawling Karst River Quarry to the vast seaside Port. – Verdansk

Another massive map found in the Call of Duty world, you will find many locations from farmland, large city, parks, a prison, and even the dam that is frozen over. With over 330 points of interest, you will never get bored. The map is packed with many new places to visit with a few old memories of the Call of Duty history, this keeps the veterans happy and the newcomers wanting to learn more. Take on the snow-covered hills, the open city streets, or grab a sniper and climb to the top of many great locations. Verdansk provides an excellent player experience for every type of player.

The Verdansk map has many locations including the Ground War map Quarry, the Military Base, Dam, T.V. Station that is a nice reminder of the multiplayer map Broadcast, Airport, Storage Town, the multiplayer map Superstore, Stadium, Lumber, Boneyard with a small section that is a throwback to Scrap Yard, Train Station, Hospital, Downtown, Farmland, Prison, Port with the map Vacant being the center of attention, Park, Hills, Promenade East, and Promenade West.


Verdansk is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and open water ocean, just to the outskirts you will find many trees with most of them being in the battle area, use this location to help take a win when the circles are closing on the edge of the map. On the water side of the map, be sure to watch your step as the water will kill you.

warzone gamemodes

Gamemodes include Solo, Trios, quads, and Plunder. The normal mode is all about being the last man standing while Plunder is all about the team with the most cash, search the map for marked locations, loot downed players, and complete contracts to max out your profits and take the win. In Plunder, you can send your teams cash in a deposit balloon or deposit at a cash helipad. The deposited money is safe and cannot be taken by enemy players. The team with the most cash can be seen on the minimap. Kill them and take the win!

starting a match of warzone

While you wait for the game to start, you can practice your aim on fellow players. Kills in lobby award XP and Weapon XP, so practice often. You will automatically redeploy if you are killed in the lobby. Get that XP or just relax and prepare for the real fight.
The match starts with 130-150 players waiting to jump from the plane, the plane will pick a random path, and a random first circle will be marked on the map after the plane triggers the jump time, all players will be able to pick the destination and jump location. When you are ready, its jump time. Communicate with your team on the best destination and start your journey, the fastest a player can get to the ground is about 10 seconds. If you don’t pull your parachute on time, you might plummet to your death unless you have auto parachute active. Now find guns and go!

warzone map details

The map is your guide to survival, showing us the location and path of the gas and also showing us enemy locations, squad locations, vehicles, buy stations, contracts, loadout drops, enemy killstreaks, and even the name of each area. When items get pinged, they will show in large on the map. On the right of the map, you will see the full legend to help understand the locations of items. On the left, you will see the timer for the next or current circle collapse along with a timer showing how much longer the gulag will be open; this also shows the number of players in the gulag.

looting on warzone

Looting is what provides you with the tools needed to kill your enemies and lead you to victory. You will find items in every location of the map, these items include weapons, ammo, cash ranging up to piles of $1200, armor plates, armor satchel that allows you to carry extra plates, field upgrades, equipment including a heartbeat sensor, contracts, medkits, gas masks and also loot boxes. The boxes can be found in different colors with orange being the best, and the best items are located in the boxes and range up to fully loaded weapons to killstreaks. You can also kill one of the many enemies and take their loot!

warzone circle collapse

The circle collapse is a poison gas that slowly infiltrates the map, shrinking the battlefield in random locations and damaging all in its path. To survive, players must avoid the gas or find and equip a Gas Mask that only gives an extra 12 seconds of survival time in the gas. Verdansk has the fastest killing circle collapse to date in any Battle Royal game.

warzone gulag

Eliminated players get imprisoned in the Gulag with a chance to redeploy, go 1v1 with another dead player with a randomly selected gun from pistols to shotguns, and some equipment that becomes available after a short waiting time. Lose the Gulag, and your team will need to buy your way out! The Gulag has three different layouts that are selected at random. Each round starts with a 15-second timer, and if you do not kill the enemy at that time it will go into overtime with a capture flag, killing the enemy or capturing the objective will get you the win. No-kill or capture will result in a loss for both players.


It’s time to step out of the Gulag showers as prisoners of Verdansk are now dragged to an interrogation room, strapped to a chair, and thrown into an all-new Gulag where the 1v1 battle rules are similar, but the arena is completely different! Watch from the spectator gantry, spraying, punching, or lobbing rocks at adversaries before entering the secret training facility below: A new yet instantly familiar face-off in a Nuketown facsimile built by the Soviets who constructed Black Ops Cold War’s Amerika Town!

vehicles of warzone

You don’t need to rely on your parachute or your own two feet to travel around Verdansk; you can use one of the many Vehicles, just know that all of them will expose your position to the enemy with the loud noise of the engine and a red vehicle seen on the mini-map. The vehicles include a two-seater ATV that can also fit a third, a Tactical Rover that seats 4, the SUV that also has room for the full team, a Cargo Truck that has room for many but leaves you vulnerable trying to hide in the back and lastly the Helicopter that also has enough room for the team and gives you the ability to bail at any time. All the above transportation alternatives have a health bar that shows the damage before they become unusable, you can also seat-swap at any time if your designated driver can’t get you to the right destination.  


Elevator Shafts are found in every large building across the map, although you can hit the elevator button you can still use the elevator cables to get up and down the shaft. This is done using a cable glider and is much faster than running up an endless number of stairs. You will need to be cautious as players do set explosives and the top.

ping items at warzone

Pings allow players to instantly share object location, mark key points, and warn teammates. Players can ping all loot items, boxes, vehicles, desired location, and enemy locations. Pinging enemy locations or trucks will mark the location in red along with your team hearing your character scream enemies nearby. Every Ping is followed by the player’s character talking about the type of Ping.

warzone buy stations

Buy Stations are seen everywhere around the map, and at times they can be a place that you will find enemy players, sometimes making it hard to get the goods you need. The cost of each item is much higher in the Plunder as cash is king, and the most money wins.
$4000 – Redeploy: Bring back a teammate that did not survive the Gulag or has died more than once already.
$1500 – Armor Plates: Five armor plates used for replacing broken armor, useful after gunfights.
$2000 – Shield Turret: A manual shielded turret that can be deployed on most surfaces.
$3000 – RC-XD: A small dirty bomb payload strapped to an RC-XD.
$3000 – Cluster Strike: Signal for several cluster mortars to hit the designated location, Enemy will be warned.
$3000 – Gas Mask: Provides twelve seconds of protection from the encroaching gas before breaking.
$3500 – Precision Airstrike: Call in twin jets for a precision strike along the best available path you choose.
$4000 – UAV: Call in the recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap, Players with Ghosts will not be seen.
$4000 – Self-Revive Kit: Allows players to self-revive if teammates are dead or not able to help.
$4500 – Munitions Box: Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates.
$6,000 – Armor Box: Deploy a box of armor plates for you and your teammates.
$10,000 – Loadout Drop: Drops a crate containing the team’s custom classes, includes perks, camo, and weapon charms.
Plunder Only
$30,000 – Cash deposit Balloon: Cash deposit device for your team that shoots up into the air and protects your cash.

warzone field upgrades

Field Orders are found in loot boxes and randomly throughout the map. Field Upgrade Pro has no effect inside Warzone game modes.
Munitions Box: Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates.
Recon Drone: Remote-controlled drone that marks enemies for you and your team.
Dead Silence: Temporarily makes your footsteps silent and increases movement speed.
Stopping Power Rounds: Reload your gun with stopping power rounds that deal extra damage.
Trophy System: Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys enemy equipment.
Deployable Cover: Portable and rapidly-deployable ballistic cover.
EMP Drone: Detonate an EMP payload at a targeted location using an RC Plane. Disables all electronics in the area.
Weapon Drop: Deliver a cache of high-powered weapons to your location for your team.
Plunder Only
Cash deposit Balloon: Cash deposit device to protect you and the team’s cash.
Tactical Insertion: Marks a location as your next spawn point.

warzone contracts

Contracts are seen in many locations of the massive battleground, and completing them will grant you extra cash and some loot. The cash value can range, and the loot will score you a gas mask if needed. All contracts are timed, so don’t waste them!
Bounty: Places a cash reward on a random player in the game and shows the approximate location of the player. As you get closer to the bounty, you will see the target location bar fill, and this also tells the enemy you are in range.
Recon: Showing a random location on the map that can be captured; this will show your team the location of the next circle collapse and provide a small amount of loot. Payers can complete this contract more than once and even see the last position of the circle.
Scavenger: Marks three to four locations on the map of loot boxes that can only be found using the contract. These loot boxes will contain anything found in the game.
Most Wanted: A Bounty on your head for all enemy squads to see. Avoid enemy attacks and survive the contract duration to win cash and revive teammates. Taking out a Most Wanted player will give you the cash.
Supply Run: Gives the player a set amount of time to get to a buy station, after beating the timer the play will get 80% of the cost of items at the buy station, this doesn’t include Loadout Drop but does give Self-Revive Kit for free.

ammo cache

Need Ammo? Drop by any of the many Police Stations or Gun Stores, both locations have Ammo Caches on the main floor to help you replenish your ammunition. This will not give you a full stack of ammo but will provide enough to kill a few enemies.


12 bunkers are scattered around the Verdansk map and each one has tons of loot inside. These bunkers can be unlocked with key cards that are found in loot boxes or on fallen enemies. One of the bunkers can only be opened by obtaining a code from many of the phones found throughout the map.


The Acropolis National Arena (AKA Verdansk Stadium) is now open. Time to rethink your drop plans around this massive super-structure, complete with a pitch surrounded by rows of seating, an additional underground parking structure, a concession stands lobby as well as other multiple interior concourses and field access you can secure and compete to control.


The train is now rolling on Verdansk. It rolls through one of the main arterial railroad tracks that circumnavigate the southwestern part of Verdansk in a large loop. It can be a source of protection, an epicenter of firefights, and even offers some exceptional takedown potential if your team claims the train for themselves, and guards it with additional vehicles and heavy weaponry.


The Subway was added to Verdansk on September 29th, 2020. Fast Travel to Verdansk hotspots like Stadium, Airport, and Lozoff Pass: only on Verdansk Metro. Get on board from one of seven new subway stations across the map. Just hop the turnstile and go! The fastest way around Verdansk, just keep an eye out for enemies camping at each train station.

containment monitor station

A Containment Monitor Station was added to track the progress of the map’s destruction from Zombies, these computers also have items that can be purchased.
Requires Key – Bombardment: Call in a missile barrage over areas affected by the outbreak.
$3000 – RC-XD: A small dirty bomb payload strapped to an RC-XD.
$3000 – Gas Mask: Provides twelve seconds of protection from the encroaching gas before breaking.
$4000 – Self-Revive Kit: Allows players to self-revive if teammates are dead or not able to help.
$10,000 – Loadout Drop: Drops a crate containing the team’s custom classes, includes perks, camo, and weapon charms.
$12,000 – Advanced UAV: An untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the minimap in real-time.
$20,000 – Foresight: Activate a powerful satellite to see the remaining safe zones on the map.


Many Memorable locations are seen throughout the large map, you can find the multiplayer maps broadcast, Killhouse, Vacant, Scrapyard, the pool from Bloc, and Grandma’s House from Overgrown. You will also see locations found in old campaign levels like All Ghillied Up, Turbulence, and Mile High Club. Let’s not forget the many Burger Town locations scattered around the map.

warzone real life

Warzone is based on many real-life locations including Donbass Arena, Donetsk Airport & Tower, Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, Ukrainian Parliament, and a Chernobyl pool that was also seen in the Multiplayer Map Bloc from Call of Duty 4


Warzone has 6 Achievements that can be unlocked while playing.
Press [BOOM] to Defuse: Blow up 3 tripwires with explosives.
Ashes to Ashes: Burn 4 enemies with a single Molotov.
Hang Time: Kill 3 enemies while you are on a ladder.
Long Way Down: Crash a helicopter by shooting the pilot.
Wild Fire: Take down a flying helicopter with a Molotov.
Good Effect on Target: Kill an enemy with a direct hit from a smoke grenade.

winning a game of warzone

About 20 minutes into the game and you know you have a chance at the win. Save your loot, plan your route and be ready for a fight. The game ends about 25 minutes after starting with the last few teams fighting for the exceedingly small remaining circle. The last player standing takes the win for the team, after winning the full team will board a helicopter and fly out of the gas. During this time, all dead players’ names will be displayed on the screen. IN MEMORIAM.

teddy bears

14 Teddy bears have been found across the map, four on the large roof above the train station, one in the locker room at Vacant, one in a locker in the prison control room, and one on top of the tallest building at the river quarry, one on top of the hospital roof, one on a shelf inside the superstore, one at the bottom of a windmill at the farmland, one inside a downtown building at a reception desk, one on the crane inside the boneyard warehouse, one under a bridge at the park and rumors say another is found on top of the dam. Can you find more? Let us know!


On April 22, 2021 The Verdansk Battle Area we all loved was overrun by Zombies, everyone died and turn into a Zombie. The last thing to happen was to destroy all of the infected by nuking the entire map. In order to save Verdansk, time was set back to a time where things seemed much simpler, 1984 to be exact…… Welcome to Verdansk ’84!!

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