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Zhokov Scrapyard

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Release Date June 10, 2020
Location Kastovia (Russia)
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Release DateLocationRemakes
June 10, 2020Kastovia (Russia)View All

Technically a three-lane map, fighting will take place within, between, around, and across two long streets and a field filled with fuselages. All weapons will find a home within the Scrapyard. – Zhokov Scrapyard

outside of zhokov scrapyard

Zhokov Scrapyard is located in Verdansk West. Just outside of the battle area you will see the Zhokov Boneyard, Junkyard and Graveyard with other parts of the Warzone map seen in the distance.

teddy bear on zhokov scrapyard

A Teddy Bear is found inside the Scrapyard warehouse by climbing the ladder and jumping onto the overhead crane, after that just turn around and you will see the bear.


The map has many propane cylinders scattered around that can explode if shot at, shooting these at the right time will help you kill enemy players.

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