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Zhokov Boneyard

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Release Date February 11, 2020
Location Kastovia (Russia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 11, 2020Kastovia (Russia)None

A resting place for discarded airplane parts, Zhokov Boneyard is a Ground War map in Verdansk. Traipse through this airplane junk yard and avoid the turbulence of the enemy team while capturing your objectives. – Zhokov Boneyard

outside of map

Zhokov Boneyard is located in Verdansk West. Just outside of the battle area you will see Storage Town, Train Station, Barakett Promenade, and the Verdansk Graveyard and Junkyard with the rest of the Warzone map seen in the distance.

groundwar tactical nuke

Ground War is a large battle with 20 to 32 players per team, up to 64 players battle for the 5 flags with a point limit of 250 and a time limit of 20 minutes, similar to domination but bigger. If one team can hold all flags at one time for 45 seconds, they will win the game with a Tactical Nuke ending the game.


Need Ammo? You will find Ammo Caches on both sides of this ground war map, this will not give you a full stack of ammo but will provide enough to kill a few enemies.


Many different types of vehicles are found across the map, cruise the land with a Tactical Rover, get to your location quickly with the ATV, or shot down players in the Infantry Fighting Vehicle.


A Teddy Bear is found inside the Scrapyard warehouse by climbing the ladder and jumping onto the overhead crane after that just turn around and you will see the bear.

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