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Cheshire Park

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Release Date June 30, 2020
Location London, England
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
June 30, 2020London, EnglandNone

Three distinct lanes of combat created by the Garden Square and four streets that circle this central park area with many unique tactical opportunities – Cheshire Park

outside of Cheshire Park

Just outside of Cheshire Park you will see and hear a train that runs the overhead tracks every few minutes, in the distance, you will see lots of construction and buildings of London. The sun can be seen setting in the dark cloud-filled skies.

starting a match on Cheshire Park

Both teams fly into there spawn areas at the start of the map, some players sliding down the ropes as others just step out of the helicopter. All the helicopters are seen flying around overhead as you head into battle.


You can find a map and pictures inside the large garage of the Piccadilly terrorist attacks. This same map was seen in the campaign level Clean House where you need to clear a house that is housing the Al-Qatala members who organized the Piccadilly terrorist attacks.

Cheshire Park easter egg

The map has a cool Easter Egg, find and shot all the mouse traps that are scattered around the map, these will spawn in different locations every time. after finding the last one it will change into a small slice of cheese, find the remaining wheel of cheese, and place in on the ledge next to the center statue. Over 30 rats will spawn and run into a standing circle around the statue as the music plays, after about 10 seconds all of the rats will explode leaving paint splatter on the sidewalk.

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