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Call of Duty Maps


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Release Date May 19, 2020
Location London, England
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May 19, 2020London, EnglandView All

Action will be fast-paced and take place within unfinished buildings, underneath scaffolding, and even in concrete pipes, but there are also multiple lines of sight that snipers can use to counter run-and-gun players. – Hardhat


Outside of Hardhat you will see many London buildings that surround the map with some new futuristic skyscrapers in the distance. Just to the outskirts you will see more construction and a few cranes.


The large bulldozer to the side of the map has an old Call of Duty Logo on the grill, the logo says COD in white, black, and red. The same bulldozer is also seen on Talsik Backlot.


Many shipping containers around the map say Cromwell on the side of them, this is a reference to Madison Cromwell, one of the games Producers.


Gun Course is a playable Trial on this map. Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition. Your loadout is Assorted Weapons. You only have 3 attempts to get the most experience points as possible. 5000 points if you get 1 star, 7500 for 2 stars, and 10,000 if you can get 3 stars.

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