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Aniyah Incursion

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Release Date April 8, 2020
Location Urzikstan (Russia)
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Release DateLocationRemakes
April 8, 2020Urzikstan (Russia)View All

A deserted royal residence with twisting footpaths, shot sightlines and high heights. Run the pool size or down the center of the Palace. – Aniyah Incursion


Outside of Aniyah Incursion you will see bright blue skies, mountains and even a small village, just to the outskirts, you will see a ross field and lots of more buildings.


The match starts with both teams flying in on multiple helicopters, jumping out, or sliding down a rope into the spawn areas. After everyone is out, the match will start as the helicopters fly overhead.


The map is part of the Ground War map Aniyah Palace but has some of the maps blocked off with barriers that will kill you when crossing and houses that have boarded up doors and windows.

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