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Talsik Backlot

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Release Date April 8, 2020
Location Urzikstan (Russia)
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Release DateLocationRemakes
April 8, 2020Urzikstan (Russia)View All

A medium sized, building dense map that is suited for 6v6 playlists. The diversity of zones within this map opens the opportunity for all playstyles to be viable. – Talsik Backlot

outside of talsik backlot

Construction is seen everywhere around the outside of Talsik Backlot with sand piles just to the outskirts and cranes in the distance. In the far distance you will see that mountains surround the map and just above you will find dark storm clouds.

starting a game on talsik backlot

The match starts with one team jumping off the helicopter and the other team getting out of a van after it backs into the battle area. The van stays on the map as the helicopter is seen flying overhead as it leaves.


The large bulldozer in the center of the map has an old Call of Duty Logo on the grill, the logo says COD in white, black, and red.


On this remake of Backlot you will find that the mounted machine gun has been removed from the top floor of the main building and the basement has also been closed off. No more making it rain on the enemies below!


Risky Parkour is a Trial that is playable on this map. Collect all dogtags to finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware of the heavy toxic gas on low ground. Your loadout will only be the Combat Knife. You only have 3 attempts to get the most experience points as possible. 5,000 points if you get 1 star, 7,500 for 2 stars and 10,000 if you can get 3 stars.


This multiplayer map can be played in the Special Ops Survival Mode, up to four players can play against enemy forces and fight off waves of increasingly difficult and determined combatants in a variety of experiences and unlock bonus in-game content along the way.

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