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Release Date November 4, 2014
Location Iceland
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 4, 2014IcelandNone

Atlas drone facility in the Icelandic Highlands. The chaotic center hanger is home to intense engagements. – Horizon


Rocky mountains sprinkled with snow and surrounded by beautiful waterways under a cloudy sky is the great view you will see outside of Horizon.


A waterfall on the map can be seen next to the room leading to the cave, the waterfall can also be seen running under the full map and dropping to the river below on the other side.


All the doors on the Drone Assembly building are automatic opening, this can be what keeps a player from being quite to being found in search and destroy.


Exo Survival, fight cooperatively with up to 4 allied players against waves of enemies. Survive as long as you can and unlock perks and weapons along the way. The game mode has 4 playable options: Light Exo: Fastest movement speed, full range of boost abilities, lowest armor. SMGs and Assault Rifles. UAV Scorestreak, Heavy Exo: Slowest movement, limited boost abilities, highest armor. High damage, heavy weapons. Goliath Scorestreak, Specialist Exo: Normal movement, limited boost abilities, normal armor. Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. Sentry Gun Scorestreak and Demolitions Exo: Normal movement, limited boost abilities, normal armor. Launchers and SMGs. Missile Strike Scorestreak.

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