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Release Date June 2, 2015
Location Moscow, Russia
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
June 2, 2015Moscow, RussiaNone

The Russian Kremlin is a government citadel in the heart of Moscow. The long central vantage allows tactical overwatch for snipers and intense battles for sentry gunners. The side lanes are divided by a minefield, which alters the flow of battle during the game. – Kremlin


Just to the outskirts of Kremlin you will see a big palace, open streets, army tents, and T-600 Titans shooting explosives into the air. The explosives are heard exploding often throughout the match.


Blind Eye and Cold Blooded are the only things that will keep players safe when running near the proximity explosives in the center side of the map, these proximity explosives are not active for the first part of the match. The red glow will indicate when you should stay away.


Both main buildings have miniguns in the upstairs windows, these miniguns cover the center of the map and can even be shot at the other minigun user. These leaves players in the center of the map to always look up before crossing to the other side.

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