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Release Date August 4, 2015
Location Liberty Island, New York
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
August 4, 2015Liberty Island, New YorkNone

Located on Liberty Island and during the middle of an urban outbreak, the premises of the primate animal testing facility offers the perfect blend of gameplay for all types of weapons and player styles. – Quarantine


You can see the New York Skyline outside Quarantine. You will also see other small buildings on the island and lots of trees.


The message “Disposable door for affected species will open in one minute” will be heard before the floor doors open in the center cage area of the map. This will kill anyone standing in the area and will remain open until the match is over. Be sure to watch your step!


Many cages around the map have monkeys in them that will go crazy and screech at you if you shoot near them or disturb them in any way. The Island is now an Animal disease and research center. Signs around the map warn players about the infected monkeys and that the monkeys can and will throw feces.


Welcome to Liberty Island, just to the outskirts you will see the Statue of Liberty. You can only see the back of it when on the map. Fun fact for the people that don’t know much about it, the statue was plated in copper in 1886 and should be the goldish color of copper, by 1906 the copper reacted to water and air to form a patina or verdigris turning it green.

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