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Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is earned through Score. After collecting enough score the player will be able to call in support for his team. These range from a basic UAV to a Paladin with a secret Scorestreak known as the DNA Bomb, this is similar to Tactical Nukes from other games.

aerial recon drone

Aerial Recon Drone
A small, manually piloted, drone capable of tagging enemies.
Score: 350
Unlocked: Level 17


Unmanned aerial vehicle that shows enemies on the mini-map.
Score: 400
Unlocked: Default

aerial assault drone

Aerial Assault Drone
A small, manually piloted, aerial drone with a high explosive charge that can be detonated on command.
Score: 450
Unlocked: Default

orbital care package

Orbital Care Package.
A Care Package called in from orbit containing a random Scorestreak that has a chance of being the map streak.
Score: 500
Unlocked: Default

remote turret

Remote Turret
A deployable, manually controlled, high powered turret.
Score: 550
Unlocked: Default

xs1 vulcan

XS1 Vulcan
A manually controlled burst of high-powered directed energy deployed from space.
Score: 600
Unlocked: Level 5

missile strike

Missile Strike
A manually guided aerial missile.
Score: 650
Unlocked: Level 17

system hack

System Hack
An autonomous cyber attack that disables enemy HUD, radar, and reticles.
Score: 700
Unlocked: Level 27

bombing run

Bombing Run
A manually targeted aerial bombing run.
Score: 725
Unlocked: Level 27

xs1 goliath

XS1 Goliath
A manually piloted suit of advanced armor with heavy weapons.
Score: 775
Unlocked: Level 17


A remotely piloted aerial attack vehicle.
Score: 850
Unlocked: Default


A manually controlled weapon system aboard an orbiting Paladin gunship.
Score: 950
Unlocked: Level 27

dna bomb

DNA Bomb
Bio-Weapon that attacks the nerves.
Score: 30 Kills with Weapon Only, No deaths.
Unlocked: Default

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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