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Release Date September 14, 2004
Location Arnhem, Netherlands
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 14, 2004Arnhem, NetherlandsNone

Mass destruction on a small city in Arnhem, Netherlands, use all the broken buildings as cover but don’t stay in the street’s longs, you will be shot down! – United Offensive – Arnhem

arnham out

Many more blown-up buildings can be seen outside the map along with a bridge going over the Nederrijn River. Also, on the bridge players will see a tank, other military equipment can also be seen outside other sections of the map.

arnham gun

A few locations around Arnhem have mounted Machine Guns on the side of the streets, use these guns to watch over different areas of the map. These mounted Machine Guns are fully automatic with unlimited ammo, iron sights, and high recoil. Be careful, these can overheat, so it is best to fire in short bursts.

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