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Release Date October 29, 2003
Location France
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 29, 2003FranceNone

Large open fields are great for long-distance gun fights, use the building and bushes as cover. Large fields are great for snipers. – Bocage

bocage out

Outside of Bocage is much more open farmland with many tall trees and bushes. A few buildings can be seen in the distance along with a water tower.

bocage plane

A Crashed Horsa Glider can be seen just outside of the main house, the Airspeed Horsa is a military plane made to carry troops and military equipment in the second world war. Looking closely at the cockpit of the plane you can see it crashed onto a cow.

bocage gun

Many MG42 Machine Guns can be found around the map mounted to sandbags, the MG42 Machine Guns is fully automatic with unlimited ammo, iron sights, and high recoil. Be careful, these can overheat, so it is best to fire in short bursts.

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