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Release Date October 29, 2003
Location Hürtgen Forest
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 29, 2003Hürtgen ForestNone

Snow-covered Hurtgen forest with trenches and bunkers that provide cover, watch the ravines for enemy snipers. – Hurtgen

hurtgen out

Deep thick cloudy forest covered in snow is just about all you will see outside of this map. Just to the outskirts, you will see many red signs that say “Mines”. Walking past these signs will cause the players to explode by stepping on a Mine.

hurtgen gun

MG42 Machine Guns can be found around the map inside just about all bunkers, all looking over the snowy fields of Hurtgen. The MG42 Machine Guns is fully automatic with unlimited ammo, iron sights, and high recoil. Be careful, these can overheat, so it is best to fire in short bursts.

hurtgen vehicles

Four vehicles are available around the map, the American M4 Sherman Tank, the Panzer IV Tank, The Willy Jeep with a mounted M2 Browning Machine Gun and the Horch 1a that has an MG42 mounted machine gun. Tanks are Very slow and powerful while the Jeep and Horch are quick and accommodating.

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