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Release Date September 14, 2004
Location Russia
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 14, 2004RussiaNone

Large Russian Train Station fit for long-range combat and tank battles, use the Jeep for quick destination changes but watch for tanks. – United Offensive – Ponyri

ponyri out

Outside of the map players will see the deep forest with a few dirt roads running in and out of the map along with a small ditch of water also running throughout the map and back out.

ponyri tower

Ponyri features a large tower near the main buildings, this tower is great for sniping enemy players below and in the fields, if a tank comes just go to the opposite side of the tower for protection. Watch for enemy snipers and hostiles coming up the ladder.

ponyri tanks

Players can use two tanks on this large map, the Russian T-34 with a cannon and an SG-43 machine gun on its top and the German Panzer IV that also has a cannon and an MG42 machine gun strapped to the top. Players will also find a SU-152 and an Elefant, these are known as tank destroyers and equipped with Cannons and heavy machine guns, destroyers have high health compared to the standard tanks found across the map.

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