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Release Date October 29, 2003
Location Stalingrad
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 29, 2003StalingradNone

A few streets in Stalingrad provide lots of hand-to-hand combat, take one of the buildings or the sewers and dominate the objectives. – Stalingrad

stalingrad out

Outside of this small town covered in snow is more Stalingrad buildings and the destruction left behind from war along with some military vehicles. Many large buildings and structures are seen in the distance below a thick cloudy sky.

stalingrad tunnels

Tunnels can be used underground to also get around the map, the tunnel system is great for flanking and close-range combat. Use them at your own risk. Have some teammates support in the tunnels to help in the Capture the Flag game mode.

Call of Duty 1

Night Light