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Release Date October 25, 2005
Location France
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October 25, 2005FranceView All

A Call of Duty 1 Fan-favorite returns, large open fields with trees, use the ruins and trenches for cover. Grab a sandbag-mounted machine gun to control the fields. – Brecourt


Outside the map, players will see many large crop fields surrounded by trees with a few random buildings. In the far distance, you will see mountains, and just to the outskirts is many signs that say “Mines” stepping outside that area will cause the player to blow up.

brecourt guns

Many Machine Guns can be found mounted to the sandbags outside of each side of the bunkers, use these to lock down the fields and prevent enemies from crossing. All Mounted Machine guns have unlimited ammo, iron sights, high recoil and require cooling down after each clip.

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