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Release Date October 25, 2005
Location Carentan
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October 25, 2005CarentanView All

A Call of Duty 1 fan-favorite, a small town in France, great short-range combat with lots of cover and many flank routes. – Carentan

carentan out

Outside the players will see roads and hydro wires leading in and out of the map with many trees and bushes. In the distance, players will see dark clouds and many more countryside mountains.


Carentan appears in the episode “The Coup” of the office. The office members use it as a team-building exercise. Andy and Jim are called into the conference room to come up with a strategy to kill the other players when Jim suggests using a Sniper on Carentan and Andy says, “Are you playing for the other team” and Josh Says “You don’t sniper in Carentan” then Andy says he’s going to kill Jim for real. The episode shows them playing on many different maps but Carentan was the only one mentioned.

carentan gun

A mounted machine gun can be found in the center street and also in a window looking over another street. All Mounted Machine guns have unlimited ammo, iron sights, high recoil, and require cooling down after each clip.

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