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Call of Duty Maps

Aller Haut

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Release Date May 31, 2007
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
May 31, 2007UnknownNone

A steep hillside town with a large hilltop building is perfect for all styles of gameplay. Use the hill to prey on the enemies below. – Aller Haut


Outside the map players will see many more houses built upon the hillsides along with some fields and tall trees. The view outside the map is impressive for an early Call of Duty game because you can see so much for so far.


Players can operate Tanks, A Horch 1A /KFZ 18 little utility truck, and the SAS Assault Jeep, a Willy’s (sic) Jeep modified by the British SAS with up to six Vickers K fast-firing MGs for assault and defense. Used in long-range patrols and airdropped for operations in German-occupied France.

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