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Les Ormes

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Release Date November 7, 2006
Location Les Ormes
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 7, 2006HLes OrmesNone

Keep to the small town for close-quarters and move out to the farmland to utilize long-range weapons. – Les Ormes


Many great farmland views can be seen outside the map, players will see farmhouses, tractors, large hay bales, hayfields, tall trees, and some nice sunshine. Players will also see many signs that say “Mines”, passing these signs will cause the player to explode.


Les Ormes features drivable motorbikes; one is a BMW R75 and the other is a Harley. Both motorbikes are the same speed, have sidecars, and allow the passenger to turn a full 360 degrees while using weapons. Bikes are the fastest drivable vehicles in Call of Duty 3 and have an e-brake for quick stopping or sliding.

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