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Seine River

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Release Date May 31, 2007
Location France
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
May 31, 2007FranceNone

A small town in France on the Seine River is a nighttime close-range combat wonderland, using the trees and buildings as cover. – Seine River


A bright moon in the dark sky is seen above the map with the Seine River seen just to the outskirts along with some boat docks and more buildings just across the river. 


This map features drivable motorbikes; one is a BMW R75 and the other is a Harley. Both motorbikes are the same speed, have sidecars, and allow the passenger to turn a full 360 degrees while using weapons. Bikes are the fastest drivable vehicles in Call of Duty 3 and have an e-brake for quick stopping or sliding.

Call of Duty 3
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