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Perks are passive perks and include bonuses like running faster, increased bullet damage, and also extra Equipment or Lethal Equipment.

Perk Tier 1

c4 x2

C4 x2
Remote detonation explosive.
Unlocked: Default

special grenades x3

Special Grenades x3
3 special grenades. No smoke.
Unlocked: Default

rpg7 x2

RPG-7 x2
Rocket Launcher with 2 rockets.
Unlocked: Default

claymore x2

Claymore x2
Trip activated explosives mine.
Unlocked: Level 23

frag x3

Frag x3
3 Frag grenades.
Unlocked: Level 41


Extra ammunition magazines.
Unlocked: Level 32

bomb squad

Bomb Squad
Ability to seek out enemy explosives.
Unlocked: Level 14

Perk Tier 2

stopping power

Stopping Power
Increased bullet damage.
Unlocked: Default


Increased health.
Unlocked: Default

sleight of hand

Sleight of Hand
Faster reloading.
Unlocked: Level 20

double tap

Double Tap
Increased rate of fire.
Unlocked: Level 29


Carry two primary weapons, no pistol.
Unlocked: Level 38

uav jammer

UAV Jammer
Undetectable on enemy radar.
Unlocked: Level 11

sonic boom

Sonic Boom
Higher explosive weapon damage.
Unlocked: Default

Perk Tier 3

extreme conditioning

Extreme Conditioning
Spring for longer distances.
Unlocked: Default

steady aim

Steady Aim
Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Unlocked: Default

last stand

Last Stand
Pull out your pistol before dying.
Unlocked: Level 8


Drop a live Grenade when killed.
Unlocked: Level 17

deep impact

Deep Impact
Deeper bullet penetration.
Unlocked: Default

iron lungs

Iron Lungs
Longer breath for steadier sniper shots.
Unlocked: Level 26

dead silence

Dead Silence
Make less sound when you move.
Unlocked: Level 44


Hear voice chat of nearby enemies.
Unlocked: Level 35

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Night Light