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Release Date January 31, 2017
Location Venice, Italy
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
January 31, 2017Venice, ItalyNone

Taking place adjacent to the idyllic Venetian canals, Renaissance is an intense urban-scale map with a strong linear flow. – Renaissance


Outside of Renaissance, you will see lots of building along with a nice river running through the center of town, the river has lots of boats and you can also wall run over a section of it but be safe as you will die if you fall in.


A teddy bear can be seen at the top of the tower looking down on the battle, he is wearing a mask and a cape. Also, the tower has a swarm of birds that fly out of it at the beginning of each game.


A large monument translates to “In memory of the victims of the war and the valiant soldiers who gave their lives to protect our homeland” with some of the names of the game’s developers on it like Alberto Herrera, Sergio Gil, Roxana Bracamontes, Sungin Paik, Julia Song, and Phebe Suh.

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