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Combat Rig’s are selected to suit your strategy and style. The Payload is a powerful weapon or ability that can be activated once fully charged and Traits are passive ability’s that are unique to its Rig.


Outfitted for operating in a variety of situations.
Unlocked: Default


Payload: Claw
Rapid fire spread shot firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds. Aim down sights for more focused damage.


Trait: Ping
Kills and assists activate a minimap ping at the enemy’s location.

combat focus

Payload: Combat Focus
Gain double streak points for a limited time.


Trait: Persistence
Disable the reset of scorestreaks on death while making scorestreaks cost increasingly more points.


Payload: Overdrive
Grants a temporary speed surge.


Trait: Resupply
Resupply lethals and tacticals by picking up ammo boxes after successful kills with non-explosive ballistic or energy weapons.


Focused on heavy defense and suppressive fire.
Unlocked: Default

steel dragon

Payload: Steel Dragon
Heavy beam based weapon with multi-target tracking.


Trait: Infusion
Regenerate health faster.

bull charge

Payload: Bull Charge
Charge forward leveling all enemies in your path.

man at arms

Trait: Man-at-Arms
Start with maximum ammo capacity and weapons no longer slow default movement.

reactive armor

Payload: Reactive Armor
Electromagnetic shell that protects against all forms of damage.


Trait: Shockwave
While in the air, perform a devastating ground slam.


Optimized for speed and close quarters combat.
Unlocked: Default


Payload: Equalizer
Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat.

combat burst

Trait: Combat Burst
After each kill, gain a brief boost to movement speed.


Payload: Rewind
Rewinds your position and replenishes health and ammunition.


Trait: Propulsion
Improved thrusters allow energy to recover faster and also damage enemy players below.


Payload: Reaper
Switch to rapid melee combat mode.


Trait: Rushdown
Execute a quick move in any direction.


Utilizes bleeding edge technology to ensure combat advantage.
Unlocked: Level 15


Payload: Eraser
Experimental energy based handgun that blasts victims into a cloud of mist.


Trait: Supercharge
Kills drop Payload cooldown packs for your team.

ftl jump

Payload: FTL Jump
A localized FTL burst that moves you a short distance forward.


Trait: Perception
Your HUD pulses yellow when enemies out of your view are targeting you.

phase shift

Payload: Phase Shift
Displaces you into another dimension, avoiding damage. Other phased players can engage you.

power slide

Trait: Power Slide
Gain increased sliding distance and ability to ADS while sliding while using less boost meter.


Equipped with gear for area control and squad support.
Unlocked: Level 31

gravity vortex gun

Payload: Gravity Vortex Gun
Prototype launcher that fires a slow moving projectile which distorts gravity, pulling in and damaging enemies.


Trait: Relay
Placed equipment will alert the player of nearby enemies on the minimap. Thrown equipment will paint enemy targets upon detonation.

mini turret

Payload: Micro Turret
Compact deployable auto-turret.

trophy drone

Trait: Trophy Drone
Portable trophy system that will destroy one incoming lethal grenade and then recharge.


Payload: Centurion
Deployable defense system that destroys projectiles and emits a powerful electro-magnetic field.


Trait: Hardened
Placed equipment has increased protection from damage and will also persist through death, which gives you 1 extra piece of equipment you can have active.


Specializes in concealment and long-range engagements.
Unlocked: Level 36

ballista em3

Payload: Ballista EM3
Highly accurate electromagnetic projectile launcher with increased penetration capability.

marked target

Trait: Marked Target
Damaging enemies with gunfire will mark them for death, preventing regen for 5 seconds.


Payload: Pulsar
Advanced EM sensor allows you to visualize enemy positions.


Trait: Rearguard
Equips a back shield that provides protection against an attack from behind including melee attacks.

active camo

Payload: Active Camo
Renders you almost invisible.

heightened senses

Trait: Heightened Senses
Audio cues provide advance warning of fast moving or aerial hostiles. Getting lower to the ground will increase the range of detection.

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