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Release Date April 18, 2017
Location Mars
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
April 18, 2017MarsNone

Turista is a plush spa and resort for affluent galactic travelers, nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of a long dead creature. It’s a long, linear 3 lane map that allows a variety of playstyles. – Turista


A very large dead mysterious creature can be seen outside of Turista on both sides as this hotel was built on top of its corpse. Also seen in the far distance is cloudy blue skies and the planet Jupiter.


Be sure to look into the sky, you will see dragons flying overhead. All the dragons are the same purple and blue.


Near the center of the map a room can be seen with a glass wall, inside that room you will find a teddy bear inside the garbage can.


Robots are seen around the map serving alcohol and managing the casino tables, shooting the robots will make them malfunction and shutdown.

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