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Release Date October 1, 2019
Location International Waters
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October 1, 2019International WatersView All

Luxurious super yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarters engagements. – Hijacked

nice view outside the map

Lots of water is obviously seen on the outskirts of Hijacked but if you look into the distance you will see a wonderful sunset. Just about this large yacht you will see colorful pick clouds.

pictures on hijacked

On the top floor next to the control room, you will see a picture of a bird and another of three boats on a beach, you might not have noticed but these pictures have been seen on many of the original multiplayer maps.

bout outside of hijacked

The small boats at the back of the ship are inaccessible. These boats could be used in the original map as a spot to hide with killstreaks or just a spot to camp if you’re into that!

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