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isolated full map


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Release Date October 1, 2019
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 1, 2019UnknownNone

Battle Royale map that brings together Call of Duty history with brand new locales. Look out for these fresh and familiar sights as you loot, hunt, and survive the Battle Royale on mobile! – Isolated

outside of isolated

Outside of Isolated you will see many mountains that surround the large battle area with the center one being covered in snow and very large. Just to the outskirts you will find many trees, open fields, large rocks and other small mountains. To the other side of the map you can see the water from the beach out into the far distance.  

starting a match on isolated

Welcome to Isolated also known as Codename: Rebirth, and located at a Global Military Joint Operations site. The match starts in a random location of the map; players can explore before the battle begins. After the lobby has 100 players the planes and helicopters will start to fly in and when told you will be able to jump to your desired location on the map with your wingsuit, at any time you can pull your parachute to glide to a further location if needed or wait for it to auto-deploy and drop you easily on the ground. At this time its loot time! Get a gun and be prepared for battle.

underwater on isolated

You can take a dive into the water in many locations around the map, you can even shoot you gun underwater but not use grenades.

isolated headquarters

Isolated HQ is seen floating above the center of the map and can only be entered at the beginning of the match when you first land. You will find many crates containing health, weapons, and equipment but beware as you will not be the only one landing at the HQ. Grab a gun and be ready to kill, last one alive will have all the loot they could ever need.

boss area zombie dog

Entering a Boss Area will grant you and your team with rare items like lvl3 armor, Adrenaline, and many other items but enter the Monster area that is marked with a red dot on the map might get you killed as it only takes one hit to kill you. The monster will take many bullets to kill and you should always watch your back as other players might kill you as you are distracted.  

upgrade terminal and gun crates

Upgrade Terminals are seen scattered throughout the world of Isolated and marked on the map with a purple dot. These terminals will upgrade your class that you picked at the start of the match and give you more chances to use them or beef them up and make them more powerful. Next to these terminals you will also find weapon crates and health crates filled with loot.

airdrop weapon and health crate

Airdrops will come often throughout the game; a large airplane will fly overhead and drop them in random locations. The Air Drops can be seen on the minimap as a green dot and also see in the distance by the red smoke that marks it. Inside the box you can find rare things like LVL 3 armor and a war machine plus many other random weapons. The airplane that drops them has the numbers 818 on the side of it, this is the same 818 we see on the map Scrapyard and is known as Infinity Wards locale area code.

high tier locations

High Tier locations are the best places for loot and battles, these locations are highlighted on the map in yellow and seem to be the most popular locations. Trying to get a high kill count? Go here….Maybe I will see you there!

looting gun and health

Looting is the main way of getting weapons, ammo, equipment, and attachments. You will find many items like armor that can reduce damage by up to 45 percent and Adrenaline that will give you an extra 50 health. Weapons include everything from pistols to sniper rifles. Always grab yourself equipment like smoke and grenades as you never know when you need to distract your enemy.  

classes and perks

At the start of the match, you will need to pick a class before it’s picked for you, these classes get better as you unlock more.
Scout includes Sensor Dart: Shoot a Sensor Dart that can see hostile positions in the radar map. And Tracker: Shows enemy footprints for several seconds.
Clown includes Toy Bomb: Summon zombies that only attack units near them. And Anti-Zombie: Reduces zombies awareness distance to 15 meters.
Medic includes Medical Station: Place a medical station that heals you and allies continuously. And Medic: Reduces the time required for healing and bringing back knocked down teammates by 25%.
Ninja includes Grapple Hook: Shoot a grapple hook that pulls you to the target. And Dead Silence: Reduces sound when moving.
Defender includes Transform Shield: Place a transformable and flashing shield. And Reinforced: Reduces damage from all sources except gunfire by 20%.
Mechanic includes EMP Drone: Call an EMP Drone that does continuous EMP interference to hostiles. And Engineer: Grants augmented sight, making vehicles, hostile traps, and equipment visible within 80 meters.
Trickster includes Psychosis: Use two holographic decoys and a major speed boost to confuse your enemies. And Alert: Hear an enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.
Airborne includes Ejection Device: Deploy a catapult the ejects your team into the air and triggers wingsuit gliding. And Lightweight: Reduces descent speed while using the wingsuit.
Trap Master includes Electric Trip Wire: Routes a high-voltage current line. Enemies passing through will take damage and movement speed will decrease. And Territorial Effect: Increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.
Poltergeist includes Active Camo: Become near-invisible for a short duration. And Voidwalker: Increases running and walking speed in a stealth state.
Smoke Bomber includes Cluster Smoke Grenade: Generates smoke to a target area that slows down enemies. And Smoke Perspective: Release a plume of smoke that makes all enemies visible within. Damage taken increases running speed.
Hacker includes Ice Pick: Black out the minimaps of all nearby enemies, and prevent them from using gadgets. And Hard Wired: The radar in minimap will not be blocked by interference or detectable by the enemy.
Refitter includes Armor Pack: Place armor packs that can be picked up by yourself and teammates. Each layer can reduce bullet damage, excluding the head. And Greaser: Slowly repairs and increases the durability limit of your armor and vehicle.
Desperado includes Shield Turret: Place a shielded turret that offers limitless ammo for its entire duration. And Last Stand: Fight for your life with a pistol when downed. Making a kill in this state revives you.
Spotter includes Cluster Strike: Launch a Cluster air strike to a designated area. And Fly Swatter: Shows nearby winged enemies and increases reload speed of Rocket Launcher.
Rewind includes Glitch: Allows players to teleport to a location from 5 seconds prior. Movement speed will be reset. And Tactical Mask: Reduces the impact duration of flashbang grenades and Concussion grenade by 40%.
Pumped includes Power Jump: Increases the amount of gas injection and nitrogen recovery speed. And Pump Up: Gain jet jumping ability. Shooting in the air increases spread, reducing accuracy.

vehicles on isolated

Helicopters are found scattered around the map with one at Nuketown almost every game, other drivable vehicles like a motorcycle, ATV, Army ORV 4×4 off-road vehicle, and even an Antelope A20 Assault vehicle with a mounted machine gun can be found in many locations. Need a Boat? The Tactical Raft can be found in many spots and is a great way to get to and from the islands as the bridges might get you killed.

ziplines on isolated

Ziplines are found in many locations that will get you up and down the mountains. Use these to get to higher ground with your sniper or lower ground to loot. Also, just a quick way to get around the large map.

zombies spawn around the map

The Clown class will spawn zombies but many locations on the map can also spawn zombies like Bus Station, Forest, Nuketown, and of course Diner. It takes a few hits from a zombie to kill you so you will have time to run away if needed.

storm on isolated will kill you

The storm will start to close at about four minutes after the match starts and giving players two minutes between each storm to loot or run to the next destination. The storm closes five to six times before the match ends at around twenty minutes.

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