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Scrapyard 2019

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Release Date August 27, 2021
Location Kastovia (Russia)
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August 27, 2021Kastovia (Russia)View All

Operators deploy to an aircraft boneyard full of scattered parts and storage sheds. Fight from the central fuselage…just watch for those incoming grenades. – Scrapyard 2019


Outside of the Scrapyard is many more helicopters along with many planes, all dismantled or destroyed. In the distance, players will see many buildings including a train station.


The Helicopter on the helipad is a UH-60 Blackhawk, the Blackhawk is equipped with an M134 Minigun and an M61 Vulcan Cannon. First seen in the original Modern Warfare while searching for Khaled Al-Asad in the Campaign level Charlie Don’t Surf.

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