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Release Date July 30, 2021
Location Panama City
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July 30, 2021Panama CityView All

Deploy to Slums, a classic and competitive favorite originally seen in Black Ops II. Duke it out in the streets and around the center fountain, and whatever you do, check those corners! – Slums


Large mountains leave for a nice view in the distance with lots of Panama Buildings surrounding the outskirts. Welcome to the Slums of Panama!


Two nice painting can be seen inside the laundry mat; these painting is also seen on the original map in Black Ops 2. One is a painting of colorful canoes on the beach and the other is a painting of a boardwalk leading to a Cottage with a tropical backdrop.


A statue of a man holding a pigeon can be seen in the center of the map with a monument near it that translates to Our Father in Memory.

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