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Release Date November 22, 2019
Location Mount Yamantau
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ovember 22, 2019Mount YamantauView All

Research facility on a snowy mountain. Fight from all angles. – Summit

outside of summit

Just outside Summit you can see a helipad with a helicopter on it, In the distance you can see mountain and snow everywhere you look with a cable car stuck coming up the cliffside. Also, remember to watch your step!

summit gondola

You can jump in the cable car to get some cover and a few more lines of sight but jumping into the cable car causes it to swing and any good player will know someone is in it or was just in it.

summit tower

You can get to the top of the tower next to the cable car by getting on the platform inside the center of the building by jumping onto the computers first. This is a great spot to protect objectives and get a view overhead.

summit night

Summit is also playable at night in the Night playlist, it’s not found in the normal playlist. Visibility can be an issue as corners and other hiding spots are now difficult to see.

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Night Light