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Release Date September 6, 2012
Location Grand Canyon, Arizona
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 6, 2012Grand Canyon, ArizonaNone

Abandoned Utah mining settlement. Features an open layout and strong flanks. – Gulch


Outside of Gulch you will see the Grand Canyon and its open lands filled with waterways and blue skies. Lots of cactuses are seen around the map’s outskirts.


On the side of the cliff near the large tent you can see a skeleton on an Allosaurus dinosaur being excavated from the cliffside.


A cactus can be seen in the shape of a man running with a cactus flower on its head, its seen above the waterfall.


A Large teddy bear sitting on a ledge can be seen on the opposite side of the canyon with a sniper rifle or by entering the spectator’s mode.

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