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Release Date March 20, 2012
Location Central Park, Manhattan
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 20, 2012Central Park, ManhattanNone

Large New York park set in autumn. Great for long distance fire fights. – Liberation


On the outskirts of Liberation you will see more of Central Park with the city of Manhattan in the distance. Bright blue skies and fall colored trees are also part of the nice scenery here.


The map has two mounted machine guns with one locking down the one full spawn area.


The gazebo has many words carved into it like GAM was here, M+S, MGB, 1023, 608 IW, NED was here, and U MAD BRO?


Far outside the map, you can see a random yellow looking sign but with a closer look you will see it says ONE BAD CPA “In a world gone mad, where the figures don’t add up, Only one man can make sense of the numbers.”

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