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Release Date December 6, 2021
Location Pacific Ocean
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
December 6, 2021Pacific OceanNone

A weapons testing site somewhere in the Pacific Ocean hosts all task force Operators for joint exercises. Medium-sized three-lane-style map featuring an underground tunnel and pools of toxic waste. – Paradise

outside paradise

Outside of Paradise players will see the Pacific Ocean, a large erupting volcano can be seen on an island across the ocean along with bright blue skies overhead. Just to the outskirts, players will see many tropical trees and roadways around the Island. Many large ships can also be seen below the cliffside with ropes leading up to the main battle area.

green pool

In the center of the map is some wreckage from a V-2 Rocket, in the center of that wreckage in a pool of toxic waste. If players stay in the pool of waste long enough or continue to walk through it they will die!

paradise nova 6

A Periodic Table can be seen inside the lab along with many machines producing liquids. These liquids would be Nova 6 based on the circled elements on the Periodic Table: Sulfur (S), Rhenium (Re), and Neodymium (Nd).

v-2 rocket

Inside the bunker, a large blueprint can be seen of a V-2 Rocket and how it’s filled with Nova 6 Gas. Next to that is a picture of locations set to receive a rocket. In Black Ops, Nova 6 was originally developed by Nazi Germany and intended for use in V-2 rockets targeted at major capital cities.

paradise underground

Paradise has many underground sections with one large tunnel leading from one side of the map to the other. This tunnel could be used as cover to get to another objective or get behind the enemy, just watch for campers!

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