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Release Date December 16, 2021
Location Honolulu
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December 16, 2021HonoluluView All

A Vanguard winter wonderland! Introducing Shipmas, the holiday-themed re-skin of Shipment. Warm up by the gunfire while attack dogs nip at your nose in this snowy multiplayer map. – Shipmas

outside the map

Outside the map players will see and hear Fireworks continuously throughout the match, Also outside the map is many more Christmas presents and decorations. Just to the outskirts is a very large angry Snowman with red eyes and a bloody scarf, he can be seen from just about all angles of the map.

Santa's slay

Santa’s Slay can be seen flying randomly overhead throughout the match, Santa also drops all Care Packages. The best way to know he’s coming is by the bells heard in the distance. The Santa Slay can also be destroyed when delivering a Care Package.

elf six team

Hidden around Vanguard’s Multiplayer maps, Elf Team Six is ready to roast Operators like chestnuts on an open fire if they aren’t found before they disappear. Operators who take down these Elf Team Six members will earn match score and Killstreak progress, a small gift that could help give your enemies something far worse than coal in their stockings. Seen across all maps and released for Christmas alongside Shipmas.


Also released alongside Shipmas for the Christmas event is the folk horror figure Krampus, the drooling Goatman who has the taste of blood. He appears during Multiplayer matches and targets whoever has the least impressive objective score, such as a pathetic Hardpoint time or a disgracefully low number of Domination captures.

Guard Dog and Attack Dogs

Another Christmas Surprise is the Guard Dog and Attack Dogs have all been dressed up for the holiday season, running with Christmas bells and antlers but still vicious beasts looking for blood!

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