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Release Date March 22, 2022
Location Alps
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 22, 2022AlpsNone

High on top of a large snowy mountain is a large area that’s fit for Arms Race, grab your squad and capture all locations on the largest map on Call of Duty Vanguard. – Alps


This large map is surrounded by many large mountains, just to the outskirts is a large frozen lake and many trees. Lots of snow and a cloud-filled sky with some sunlight is what players can look forward to seeing.

gamemode info

Drop in, fan out, and capture all bases in Arms Race to win. Destroy Enemy Bases and permanently remove them from the Map by capturing Nebula 5 Warheads and launching the deadly Nebula Rocket.

alps buy stations

Earn cash by defeating enemies and spend it at Friendly Bases on upgrades to your loadout or powerful vehicles.
Custom Loadout: $1200
Support: Armor Plate $50, Full Armor $150, Spy Plane $400, Warmachine $600, Strafing Run $800, Glide Bomb $1000
Equipament: Mk 2 Grenade $0, Sticky Bomb $50, Demolition Charge $100, No 69 Stun Grenade $50, Smoke Grenade $100, Supply Box $50, Field Mic $100, Tactical Insertion $200, Goliath $200
Weapons: Welgun $100, Type 100 $50, Cooper Carbine $300, Automaton $400, MG42 $600, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle $1200, Panzerschreck $400
Vehicles: GC 620 Motorcycle $0, CD12 Transport $100, Sherman Tank $1200


Use vehicles to travel fast between bases, transport friendly Operators, and lay siege to enemy fortifications.
Motorcycle: This two-seater is the most agile of the three vehicle choices, allowing Operators to weave between tight spaces and take sharp corners.
CD12 Transport: If you and a few other Operators want to gain ground quickly but cannot spawn near a targeted base, then the CD12 Transport is a great way to cover some distance as one unit.
Tank: Tanks have only one seat for their driver, who also operates as its gunner. This vehicle is equipped with a high-explosive round chambered in its cannon, which can easily take down an enemy base gates or groups of enemies.


The map is scattered with pictures and art that has also been seen in other multiplayer maps. A picture of the map Eagles Nest can also be seen in many locations. Eagles nest is a real location that was built as a meeting area for the Nazi Party.

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